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  • How to access Medicaid and VA Benefits without giving up the house and assets.
  • How does Medicaid qualifications affect Veterans, their spouse, or their widow or widower?
  • How do people shelter a lifetime worth of assets when the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government offices seem to want people to be broke?
  • What you can know if Mom or Dad has to go into an assisted living facility or nursing home during the next few weeks.
  • How to access immediate funds while applying for government assistance.
  • Using a NOVA Professional Advocate to pre-plan your VA claims.
  • Special Industry Report: Medicaid Secrets Revealed. Learn proven strategies to save your home and protect your life savings from devastating nursing home costs.
  • All the various benefits veterans may qualify for, and don’t even know it.
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BONUS: A free copy of Attorney Jeffrey G. Marsocci’s book “The Veteran’s Long Term Care Solution: The Truth Behind Long Term Care Planning for Veterans with the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit”.

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About Jeffrey G. Marsocci, the Plain English Attorney

My name is Jeff Marsocci. I’ve been working in the field of long term care planning as an attorney for 20 years. As an experienced planning professional, VA Accredited Attorney, and a Certified Medicaid Planner™, I am happy to help you learn the basics of Care Assistance Planning for veterans, their spouses, and their widows and widowers BEFORE you begin rearranging assets.

One thing I can tell you about long term care assistance qualification is that it is never simple and it is never a matter of taking the same couple of steps that everyone else does.

Something else I have learned over the past two decades is that everyone’s situation is unique, and getting one little thing wrong can cause the entire plan to implode. Knowing the rules around the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit can lead to proper planning, creative solutions, and often can help with possible Medicaid long term care assistance qualification down the road.