HOW You Can Shelter Assets AND Qualify for Both VA Benefits and Medicaid All WITHOUT Going Broke.

In this free educational resource you will learn:

  • How to access Medicaid and VA Benefits without giving up the house and assets.
  • The service requirements needed to qualify for the VA pension benefit.
  • Ways to help “lower” the income for VA purposes in order to qualify for this benefit.
  • Asset transfer rules and requirements in qualifying for the VA Pension Benefit BEFORE you begin rearranging assets.
  • The four basic ways to pay for long term health care.
  • Uncover the three main questions you should ask a professional before you hire them.
  • All the various benefits veterans may qualify for, and don’t even know it.
  • The kinds of legal documents typically needed.
  • Plus More…

Get Immediate Access to Free Educational Resource “HOW You Can Shelter Assets AND Qualify for Both VA Benefits and Medicaid – All WITHOUT Going Broke.

Most people think they need to sell their house, liquidate their assets (stocks, CDs, etc.) to cover the enormous monthly expenses that befall seniors, thus leaving no legacy to their children. You do not have to go broke and lose everything to qualify for the various government Care Assistance programs that you spent a lifetime paying into through taxes — especially those benefits you have earned serving your country.

Did you know Senior War-Time Veterans and their widows can gain access to benefits they earned by service to their country?

The Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit is one of the most hidden programs available and designed to help veterans and/or their surviving spouses receive the financial support necessary to ensure their continuing long term care. Unfortunately, this benefit has become layered in a bureaucratic maze that most are unable to navigate successfully without professional help.

7 out of 10 people who apply for the VA benefit are told they don’t qualify

Little did they know that with a few “chess moves” to shelter assets, they could have received all the benefits they were due without liquidating everything they’ve worked a lifetime to achieve.

About Jeffrey G. Marsocci, the Plain English Attorney

My name is Jeff Marsocci. I’ve been working in the field of long term care planning as an attorney for 20 years. As an experienced planning professional, VA Accredited Attorney, and a Certified Medicaid Planner™, I am happy to help you learn the basics of Care Assistance Planning for veterans, their spouses, and their widows and widowers BEFORE you begin rearranging assets.

One thing I can tell you about long term care assistance qualification is that it is never simple and it is never a matter of taking the same couple of steps that everyone else does.

Something else I have learned over the past two decades is that everyone’s situation is unique, and getting one little thing wrong can cause the entire plan to implode. Knowing the rules around the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit can lead to proper planning, creative solutions, and often can help with possible Medicaid long term care assistance qualification down the road.