Welcome to the V.A. Pension Benefit Planning Program.

HOW You Can Shelter Assets AND Qualify for Both VA Benefits and Medicaid – All WITHOUT Going Broke.

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In the interview, David Cole and I outline the major topics that I feel you should understand. This is your first lesson in V.A. Pension Benefit Planning plus a solution. Actually, this presentation also contains the interview everyone should have with a V.A. Accredited Agent or Attorney, as people don’t know what to ask.


This comprehensive program will help you to learn the basics of V.A. Pension Benefit Planning BEFORE you begin rearranging assets.
Did you know there are four basic ways to pay for long term health care? There is long term care insurance. However, many people consider it to be too expensive by the time they need it. Then there is a properly constructed and explained Care Assistance Plan unique to each situation. But there are third and fourth options. Most people choose one of them, and in the long run it can be deadly to any Care Assistance Plan.

There are highly-specific Trusts that can help with the V.A. Pension Benefit Planning, but timing is everything, not all Trusts are the same, and Trusts are only one part of a comprehensive plan.

There are three main questions you should ask a professional before you hire them. These three questions show you, without a shadow of a doubt, if they have the experience to help you with your plans. Hire the wrong person and you and your family could run into expensive problems.

Here’s what we’ll cover in my subsequent video lessons:

Part 1: Ten Myths of Care Assistance Planning for Veterans.

When it comes to the vastly underutilized V.A. Pension Benefit, there is an abundance of misinformation out there. In this lesson, we will list and explain the top ten.

Part 2: Your Basic Care Options.

There are four basic care options when it comes to long term care planning. In many cases, people will go through more than one type of care during life, but it is important to know the different options, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Part 3: Ways to Pay for Long Term Care.

There are four main ways to pay for long term care, and the right kind of financial and legal planning well in advance can make all the difference in the world. But even in cases when there is not a lot of time, you can often preserve a lot of your assets for your loved ones.

Part 4: The Service Qualifications Test.

Do your particular service dates and type of service qualify you for the V.A. Pension Benefit? What about the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran? What about if a current spouse of veteran needs care? Do they qualify? We’ll cover this and more.

Part 5: The Income Test.

Income for V.A. purposes is not just straight gross income. There is a lot more to the formula than the income and deductions you report on your 1040 each year, and there are ways to lower your income to help qualify. And the V.A. case workers are prohibited from advising you on how to do this.

Part 6: The Asset Test.

It is an explanation of the typical asset limits, why it is a range of values and not a firm number, and how to lower those asset amounts. Gifting can be done, but there are often much better solutions using Trusts than simply giving away assets.

Part 7: Comprehensive Solutions.

In putting together the right plan to get the V.A. Pension Benefit, there are many different techniques, transactions, and tasks to complete that are unique to your individual situation. However, there is a standard toolbox of legal documents that are recommended. This email specifically explores those tools frequently used by our offices in V.A. Pension Benefit planning.

Part 8: Finding the Right Professionals.

There are many different ways to screen planners to help with the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit, and there are always personal questions people want to ask relevant to their own situation. This lesson explores questions to assist you in choosing a planner to lead the team of professionals helping you and your loved ones. There are some good answers, some bad answers, and some absolutely horrible answers out there.

Part 9: Financial and Investment Options.

In putting together a plan to qualify for the V.A.’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit, the family is often focused on making sure that the veteran, spouse, or widow(er) is properly cared for. But a large part of the plan is also making sure that the assets inside the Irrevocable Trusts are invested to avoid risk of loss, have some growth, and, most importantly, have the necessary liquidity in case there are unexpected expenses. This lesson explores some key financial factors to consider as part of the overall plan.

Part 10: Some Medicaid Qualification Rules.

While planning for the V.A. Pension Benefit can be complex, there is also the added factor of keeping an eye on the possible need for Medicaid in the future. This lesson explores some odds and ends facts and information about Medicaid Planning.

While all of these sections provide good information, each is only a small part of the vast puzzle that is V.A. Pension Benefit Planning. In fact, these sections only scratch the surface. For legal and regulatory reasons, we have to provide a disclaimer that all of these materials are not advice, but here are two pieces of actual, direct advice that I will unequivocally stand behind:


Follow-Up Questions
As you are watching the video, I suggest you write down any follow-up questions. Once you are finished you can email the questions to my office or call me directly. Call The Care Assistance Center, LLC at 919-518-8237 and ask for Jeff, but please mention you are calling in response to my V.A. Pension Benefit Planning e-mails so my staff knows to put you right through if I am not meeting with another client.

Why am I giving away this information?
There are no strings attached. I’m providing this because it’s my way of teaching and giving to the community of veterans and their families who have given so much in service to their country. Plus, I know it’s hard to know who to trust. That is why I want to prove that my team and I have the experience to help you. If you are looking for a professional to help, you can learn a little more about me and decide if I’m someone you’d want to add to your call list. Even if you never choose to call my office, understanding all of these principles I’ve learned over the years will help you work with another professional to protect your assets and everything you’ve worked so hard for.